Erica J. Abrams offers in-sourced programs for financial communications. She creates highly effective strategies that enable your company to clearly articulate your story to Wall Street. She does this by gaining a thorough knowledge of your business, combines this with her expertise at interacting with the investment community, and then creates compelling communications to help investors fully understand your company’s investment proposition.

The Challenge
In today’s volatile market climate, your company needs the expertise and resources of a financial communications professional to handle complex strategies for communicating with Wall Street, though not necessarily on a full time basis. You also need the tactical controls and every day, practical resources of a top-rated IR program.

Outsourced IR agencies offer teams of Wall Street veterans for periodic strategic advice and to handle the tactical issues of your program, but leave the day-to-day investor contact and follow-through to you. Full time, senior IR people are expensive and don’t necessarily meet the broad range of functions needed for most emerging growth companies. Enter EJA.

“In-sourced” expertise committed to your success.